Barbarq Game Features,Gameplay,Review

BarBarq is an excellent multiplayer action game available in the market right now , where barbarians can make an appointment in a huge battle stage to fight between each other without truce. The simple is that the player who scores the most when the time runs out will be declared as the winner .

The BarBaQ control system is very much simple as well as interesting. We can easy control the movement of the Barbarian with the help of the virtual cross, on the right side we have the attack button and to use special power. But, special skills can only be unlocked as we defeat the enemies and level up.


You can also get or choose any character with its purchase by using diamonds.The BarbarQ gamers can invite friends to play anytime you want, all you have to do is go to menu “friend list” .

BarBarQ you will find many different game modes . The free to all option helps us to play and fight against barbarians from anywhere in the world. But the best way to enjoy this game to the fullest is to play 3 vs 3 , where we can join forces with our two friends and then face each other players online.

Basically BarbaQ is a multiplayer game that borrows some of its concepts from IO games offers a different as well as fresh and makes gaming interesting. The graphics is also good  having many different scenarios and different characters as well.

BarbarQ Game features

  • Very much innovative as well as addictive game
  • Simple and can be easy handled
  • Also has joystick
  • Pixel art game design
  • Beating your friends or rivals with your mind games and teamwork
  • Competitive game with points table.

In the game you could find settings feature in the game . The features that are found on the main page in the game of BarBaQ among is

  • Collection
  • Battle
  • Inbox
  • Open reward
  • Store

Collection features in the game

This feature helps you when you need assistance to play the game because you set own skill which would you guys use to win over your friends.

To make it easy for you we will show you how to download as well as Install action game BarbarQ on your PC including windows and Mac and in any case you are interested in other apps you can visit the official site so that you can locate your favourite ones .

Let’s continue

BarBarq on PC (Windows and Mac)

  • First of all download bluestacks or any other emulator like remix OS player.
  • After installing open the play store
  • Search for the app
  • Install the app and open the drawer
  • Click on the BarBarQ and follow the instructions
  • You can also install BarBarQ apk in the blue stacks Android emulator

After you have successfully downloaded and run the application first and then you will see the menu that you have connected the phone automatically for Android phones. Connect with your email and then stores create and connect automatically so there is no question about how to do it manually. In any case you change your device with other and if you want to continue playing then you just have to connect your google account and everything will be synced . So, to make it hassle free always connect the game to your email I’d.

The game is very easy as if your friends mange to download it you guys can directly press the start button on the game itself,and after that you need to change the nickname by clicking next or login via google or Twitter.

That’s everything you have to do to run BarBarQ on PC follow us more updates .

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